Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

Vitamin D deficiency can cause serious health problems

vitamin d deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency – eggs

The deficiency of Vitamin D is associated with serious diseases such as breast and colon cancer, soft bones, osteomalacia and weight gain, depression and many more. Some of the most common vitamin D deficiency symptoms of this vitamin deficiency are:

  • Fatigue – if you feel weakness and lack of energy during the day it may suggest vitamin D deficiency. The lack of this important vitamin is also associated with sleep disturbances at night and daytime waking;
  • Depression – depression is not just a mental state and emotional anxiety. It often has its physical dimensions and causes. Vitamin D levels affect brain functions, including those associated with depressive states;
  • Frequent sweating in the forehead area – sweating is a normal physiological process designed to cool the body. However, vitamin D deficiency causes a characteristic sweating on the forehead, which happens even without physical activity.
  • Bone and joint pains – Bone pain can be provoked by lack of enough vitamin D. This is most common in winter when daytime brightness is greatly reduced. During that season the people are too clothed to absorb enough amount of sunlight which is needed for the synthesis of vitamin D in the body.

More vitamin D deficiency symptoms

  • Men suffer from erectile dysfunction – according to studies, men’s erectile abilities are directly related to the amount of vitamin D in the blood. Erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular problems and prostate problems may occur due to low levels of vitamin D;

    vitamin d deficiency, vitamin d fish oil
    Vitamin D deficiency – fish oil
  • Increased propensity for injuries and fractures – vitamin D is directly related to bone building and strength, as well as in their density. Calcium needed for bones is not absorbed qualitatively if there is not enough vitamin D in the body. So if you have noticed that you are easily injured and more seriously than you would in a situation, this may be due to vitamin D deficiency;
  • Strongly reduced immunity – if you get sick very often and you feel like you’re catching virtually every virus that hangs around, you probably lack vitamin D. Vitamin D has a direct bearing on maintaining good immunity, and if you get sick often, one of the possible causes of reduced immunity is the lack of vitamin D. The timely inclusion of supplements and foods which are rich of vitamin D will help you fight off flu and colds faster.

The primary goal of vitamin D in the body is to regulate calcium and phosphorus levels

Vitamin D is also known as the Sun vitamin fat-soluble compound, composed of vitamin D1, D2 and D3. D2 is known as ergocalciferol whose source is plant foods, fortified foods and supplements. D3 is known as cholecalciferol whose source are animal foods like eggs, fish, liver and fortified food. Also most people don’t get enough vitamin D due to lack of sun exposure.

vitamin D deficiency, vitamin d fish
Vitamin D deficiency – fish

Many people claim that depressive disorders are caused due to deficiency of vitamin D. This happens mostly during the winter season. Due to a shortage of Vitamin D in our body, brittle bones illness could appear. Most of the people with deficiency of vitamin D suffer from this illness. Hypertension is also great signal of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is mostly needed by pregnant women, elder persons, babies and some people with dark stain on their skin. Pregnant women need this vitamin for baby’s milk. For children with minimum level of Vitamin D there is a risk of rickets. Adults with Vitamin D deficiency may suffer from serious complications. For those people who are suffering from diseases the shortage of Vitamin D may strengthen their complications. There is even serious risk from cancer due to deficiency of Vitamin D in our body. If you are suffering from cancer, taking this vitamin may help! To avoid those Vitamin D deficiency problems you can use different supplements.

Functions of Vitamin D

vitamin d deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency – fish

Two main functions of Vitamin D are to control and maintain the level of calcium and phosphorus in your blood. Calcium and phosphorus minerals are being absorbed by our body so that those two minerals deficiencies are interrupted. This vitamin is critical for the calcium control of kidney. Moreover, cellular tissues growth is also stimulated by Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also critical for human immunity to diseases.

As you read Vitamin D is known as the Sun Vitamin. In fact, it is difficult to get enough vitamin D using a normal diet. This vitamin is found in highest concentration in oily fish such as tuna, mackerel and salmon. Some mushrooms also have a high vitamin D concentration and, in fact, their vitamin level increases when they are exposed to ultraviolet light. While our skin produces part of the vitamin D that we need daily, sun exposure is usually not enough. Factors such as time of year, sunshine, cloud cover, pollution levels and even the use of sunscreen products can significantly reduce the amount of vitamin D produced by our skin.

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